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Boat Painter Profiles

Mark Hanna
Mark’s career path into the industry began in 2003, as a painter and fairer with Southern Ocean Marine in Tauranga. Mark has travelled all over the world and learned from the best teachers as an employee with some of the most well regarded Yacht finishers. He’s learned his trade from the ground up, gaining experience in all aspects of the fairing and painting process. He’s learned the importance of planning and organising in order to meet deadlines and constantly challenges himself to achieve perfection.
Mark & Regan played a significant part in the growth of former employer IPC and eventually decided to form Super Yacht Coatings, which they both have an equal share in. The types of projects they undertake includes the full range: new builds, refits and carrying out repairs.
Regan Woodward
Regan’s entry into the industry began a few years before Mark’s but followed a similar route. Like Mark, he began his career with Southern Ocean Marine in Tauranga. Regan has undertaken multiple projects and worked in multiple port locations from Southampton England to Auckland NZ, and many ports in between.  
With each new assignment, Regan has learned something new, gradually building his body of essential knowledge about the industry. His passion for the industry is directly reflected in the standard of workmanship he consistently achieves. 
Both men have a strong work ethic with almost obsessive attention to detail. They love what they do.
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