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Two of New Zealand’s leading Super Yacht painters, with a passion for quality and finishing have joined forces….

Together, we've worked on some of the finest Super Yachts. Our clients have been amazed at the standard we achieve with our fairing and painting work. Most importantly, they've been delighted they chose us to do it. But don't take our word for it... read about why they chose us.

We undertake the fairing and painting management of refits, new builds and repairs. We're flexible, innovative and experienced at working as part of an all-trades project team or as a specialised team of two. When we commit to a project, we do whatever it takes to get it completed on time and to the highest available standard.

Our Process - your boat during the process:

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Meet the Team

The team from Super Yacht Coatings International are specialists in their field. Each team member is taught our processes and all follow the SYCI system and standards.
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"I believe (Super Yacht Coatings International) achieve world class standards and the yachts they have completed speak for themselves."
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