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Project Process

arrow.jpg New Builds Super Yacht Coatings International are often called on to become part of an all trades team in the build process of new Super Yachts. We receive and agree to the scope of work, specifications and deadlines from the company commissioned to build the Yacht.
Once the fabrication stage of the process is complete then the first stages of the fairing and painting process can begin.
We work closely with project managers and trade supervisors to ensure we become an integral part of the complete project team, helping to create an efficient working system and ultimately providing a finished product that we can all be proud of.
Anchor recess fairing detail

  Imagine build bow

Imagine bow finish


arrow.jpgRefit/Repaint Successfully repainting a Super Yacht which has an old or failing coating system will require certain steps and processes to be implemented at key points throughout the project. The SYCI team understand and follow this proven formula, and it shows every time we complete a repaint, on time, on budget and looking better than ever!
seawolf crop

arrow.jpg Repair Damage to the exterior coating system of a Super Yacht is a reality that all Owners and Captains would like to avoid. When SYCI are called on to repair such damage we will investigate the cause and extent of damage. SYCI will ensure every possible measure has been taken to mitigate the damage reoccurring. SYCI will find a solution to any paint problem quickly and tackle the repair efficiently to ensure our client is back on the water, and the damage that was once annoyingly obvious, is merely a distant memory. Giriz II repair 1
  girizll repair 2